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The Product

CMAS (Community Mentoring & Support) CiC is a social enterprise that meets the unmet needs of children, young people and their families. Building on a mentoring model that gave them their original name, community mentoring and support, CMAS delivers specialist education through their independent schools in Gloucestershire and Devon.

The Project

CMAS requested an ERP system, where they can schedule their lessons with the children, create contracts, keep all of the important information about the children, track their progress and communicate with each other safely.

Insights & Problems

Scalable ERP system

CMAS CiC requested to have a scalable ERP system, where they can track all of their resources, plan and allocate their staff, income and expenses accordingly. They need to have a safe place to keep all customer data, but also all of their employees data, as they are planning to expand to over 500 employees. 

Modern scheduler

The client shared that they are having issues with their current scheduling solution, which was using Excel macros. They requested automated, easy to use and accurate solution.



Scalable ERP system

We delivered a simple ERP system as per client's request and all provided and gathered requirements.

Modern scheduler

We delivered a scheduler showing real-time availability of all employees and team calendar with monthly, weekly and daily views - all classes, unavailability and non-working days.


A Dashboard to help Managers define if they need to find a replacement employees, employees still available for the week, who can cover for their sick colleagues, to-do list and team statistics.


On the scheduler/calendar we can check all assigned sessions and availability of the employees for the current month, week or day.


An Admin can create and manage all teams created in the system.


A view of all active, drafts, past and inactive contracts. As the client requested the company's income is also tracked here and both income and expenditure can be monitored through the system.


A message/chat tool for the internal communication on the platform. Automatically created group chats based on roles and private chats are created.


Mobile Application

Fully responsive

The client received fully responsive product and they can use the mobile application whenever they are on the go.

Completing session report

The main requirement of the client was to be able to complete

session and expenses reports during a lesson, on their mobile phones for more convenience.

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