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The Product

Russell Hobbs is a British manufacturer of household appliances. The brand has been synonymous with quality, style and innovation for the kitchen and home for over sixty years.

Style for Russell Hobbs is a distinct concept. The British manufacturer creates products of a high class and great quality. With all of their products they show strong attention to detail and design solutions that combine both retro and modern styles.

The Project

The aims of the project are to create a website that reflects the style and concept of Russell Hobbs company, create better and modern user experience on the website. Last but not least -  to combine new ideas with the old website in order not to miss something valuable from the old website.


Style Guide

Home Page

As the products of the company combine retro style with modern colors, I applied the same concept for the web design. Bright colors with simple fonts have been used to create contrast and keep the initial idea.


Catalog Page

The catalog page is an intuitive minimalistic introduction to all products on the website.


Product Page

The Product page includes all product features, pictures, the price and social icons to increase the brand awareness.


The Cookery

The brand takes care of its users not only by selling them high quality products, but also giving them good ideas how to use them at home. The Cookery is a page for delicious recipes prepared with Russell Hobbs products. I updated this page by making it more modern, adding attention-grabbing picture and used mobile first approach for the recipe posts.

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