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Client Name

Project Name


The Product

Freshly is a UX/UI design concept for an online supermarket. Freshly's aim is to deliver fresh and healthy products to the front door of its users.

Not everybody has the time and energy for the regular grocery shopping, but most users prefer eating fresh products on a daily basis. With Freshly all users can enjoy the best products in the comfort of their homes with just a few clicks.



Sign Up

Easy sign up - we only need user's name, email address and phone for the initial sign up process. 

Tabs and Product preview

With Freshly's intelligent features users can receive the best deals based on their previous purchases and personal preferences. Under Profile they can add favourite products and payment methods, see previous orders, edit profile settings and explore selected products.


Pie Menu

Freshly's most important feature is the Pie Menu. The user has all product categories at one place. Understandable, easily readable and user-friendly. Using gamification features is always interesting for the users, which increases interaction with the application and hence sales.

Tabs and Product preview

You select the Pie Manu by clicking on the CTA button. Each user can choose whether to pull the menu in the middle of the screen to see all product categories at once, or they can roll it to choose the one they want.

Logo & Branding

The Logo

The whole project included also creating of rememberable logo and branding.

Freshly stands for fast as a lightning delivery of fresh products and this is why the logo is a lightning carrot.


There are 3 hidden meanings in the logo - a lightning, a blade of grass and energy. The combination of the lightning and blade of grass forms a carrot, which is a symbol again for health, freshness and energy.

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