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UIX Case Study


The Product

The Project

The project below is a concept for a YouTube focused on its users again. The aim is to suggest the best videos based on users preferences and previous searches and provide them with better visual hierarchy. We have full focus on the content of the videos, even while reading comments or description.


Easy to access Search and Upload buttons. Visual Hiearchy brought back into focus.

Home Page


Video Player

Complete focus on the Video, no distraction by Comments or Upcoming videos.


Comments, Up Next, Description

Watch the Video and read the Comments or check out Description/Up Next videos simultaneously.


System Guide

For better contrast, we changed the traditional YouTube red with more pinkish one. Only one font was used to keep the product simple and to emphasise on the images/videos instead on the font/text.





Roboto Regular
Roboto Medium




Roboto Condensed
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